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Both size sets fit 12x5x1 box


Individual Cutter Dimensions:
11 inch set:
1. 3.66"x2.97"
2. 3.71"x3.22"
3. 4.39"x2.82"
4. 3.67"x3.18"


10 inch set:
1. 3.21"x2.56"
2. 3.37"x3.94"
3. 3.98"x2.56"
4. 3.34"x2.87"


Easter 2023 cookie cutter collection was made in collaboration with Jami @sweetlifecofr

Stackable Bunny Doll Cookie Cutter Set

  • Hand wash with warm soapy water. 

    Please avoid the dishwasher, hot water and soaking of the cutters. Dry cutters before storing.

    Made via 3D printer with food safe PLA filament. PLA is plastic and will melt when subject to high temperatures.

    Cutters are made to order.

    Cookie photo is for reference only. This listing is only for the cutter.

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